Dear Perquimans Central School Families:

It is my pleasure to serve as principal for PCS! I have 30+ years of experience in education with most of those years in Perquimans County Schools.  I have experience as a classroom teacher, Academically Gifted Coordinator, Director of Testing and Accountability, Curriculum Specialist and School Principal.  Working together with a shared vision and collaborative work ethic has proven to increase student achievement and accelerate student growth.    I believe children are our most precious gifts and what we do with those gifts has a tremendous impact on our students' future and ours!

Our vision at PCS is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each student can reach his or her personal best.  We are committed to preparing students to be productive learners for today and tomorrow. Perquimans Central School is a Pre-K – 2nd Grade Title I school located in rural Northeastern North Carolina with approximately 400 students.  Our highly qualified staff provides differentiated instruction based on individual student needs and strives to build a strong foundation in literacy skills by using Science of Reading Strategies.   We believe that strengthening relationships and increasing student engagement will help us personalize learning and prepare students to be globally competitive in today’s world.

Your Principal,

Tracy Gregory

PCS Turtle Tales